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Professional skills make a superior glass supplier
Making high-quality bottles and jars is our best service to our customers. We have full complete Quality Insurance process. 
1.Supplied by reliable supplier, all of the raw materials will be test strictly to ensure their safety and traceability.

2. The molds for forming customized glass bottles and jars are well preserved in a special room. They are maintained regularly. 

3.Four Tests on the line of production 
A. Inspection by technicians 
Bottles and jars will be weighed every 5 minutes to check if the ranks machine runs correctly 

B.Inspection by auto test machine  
Auto Test Machines take the measurements of bottles and  jars to eliminate the unqualified products.

C.Manual Test
Inspectors exam bottles for visual flaws such as tiny bubbles, needle eyes and degree of finish.

D.Test in Lab 
Bottles will be tested by random to see whether the standard of technical parameters is met:
Height, weight, diameter, thickness, liquid line, stress, performance under stress and pressure, leakproofness, impact resistance

4. Finished products are stored in a standard warehouse. Before delivery, our inspector will conduct a sampling test to ensure that each of the bottles has reached our standards.


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